Here’s what people have to say about working with Emmaleigh:

Empowered, confident, and reassured are all words that come to mind from my wedding dress prep experience with Emmaleigh. Beyond watching Say Yes to the Dress I did not have any prior experience or knowledge about wedding dresses, and when I started researching I quickly became overwhelmed. When Emmaleigh offered this new service to me I quickly jumped at the opportunity to get an “insider” point of view, and I can’t stress enough how CRUCIAL this was for my shopping experience! She took the time to look through my Pinterest and all of the pictures of ideas I would send her. Not only did she walk me through the process of logistics (what questions to ask, what each style is called, etc), but she then went above and beyond in researching and recommending dresses based on my ideas I sent her. Thanks to Emmaleigh I had a fabulous shopping experience, and after trying on 10 dresses I purchased the very first one I tried on! I can’t recommend her services enough - anyone that is planning to go wedding dress shopping needs to have a heart to heart with this girl.
— Sasha A. (Providence, RI)

I was really blown away from the moment I met my bridal stylist, Emmaleigh, to the moment I walked away after saying “yes” to my dress! I cannot say enough good things about Emmaleigh. She got to know me personally before we even met, so that she could give me the best experience possible. She made me feel relaxed and confident about my style and decision during my session, and even after, as she kept in touch with me. Looking back at my session with Emmaleigh (it has been almost 2 years since she has helped me with my wedding), I remember feeling right at home with her and having my expectations exceeded. I walked away with a clearer and more confident envision of the wedding that I wanted with the help of her expertise. I would refer her to all of my friends getting married, knowing that they would be in good hands. Thank you, Emmaleigh, for helping me with my big day, and making my husband tear up when I walked down the aisle (I know it was because of the dress)!
— Natalie T. (Baltimore, MD)

Emmaleigh is an incredible stylist, wedding coach, and person in general. She took the time to get to know both me and my partner as well as our goals for our engagement shoot to make sure our photos and our overall experience were positive ones. I dread trying on clothes, especially in front of people, but with her help, she made finding clothes for the engagement photo shoot fun and enjoyable. I left the store happy with my purchase and excited to be seen in my new outfit. Her attention to detail really made our photos that much better. She eased our stress with some great music and having everything so organized on the day of! I never thought a photo shoot could be sooo much fun, but with Emmaleigh, it is a great dance party that ends in even better pictures, and more importantly, memories. I am so thankful for her help and would highly recommend her to everyone!
— Tara R. (Asheville, NC)

Working with Emmaleigh was so much fun! She was my stylist for a boudoir shoot and I’m so glad I had her to help me with outfits, jewelry and inspiration. I’m not a huge fan of shopping so it was really nice to not have to worry about picking out all the things. After working with her on a questionnaire and Pinterest board we were totally on the same page and she was able to put me in a dressing room and bring me outfits to try based on those conversations, my size and my budget. Emmaleigh is such a unique and beautiful soul and feels like your friend throughout the whole process, but she has also has her game face on. She’s super professional, organized and prepared. I felt like she not only listened to what I wanted, but also provided options I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out on my own. Another great part of working with her was that she was able to come over and see what clothing and jewelry I already had so I didn’t have to buy everything for the shoot. She was able to pick out pieces that I totally forgot about too! Emmaleigh makes you feel completely comfortable throughout the whole process and especially during the shoot! I highly recommend Just Bloom Together!
— Katie R. (West Asheville, NC)

Emmaleigh was a wonderful addition to our wedding team! She assisted our photographer and fixed my bangs about 100 times! 😀 she was so helpful with planning for staged photos and such and coming up with different ideas of things to include in our photos. She has an eye for what works and was able to adjust us and our environment to help get the best shot. She also made us feel very comfortable throughout the experience and answered all of our questions! She was wonderful and I would absolutely recommend her services; especially if you are in need of extra guidance to make your special day even more special!
— Alicia A. (Little Rock, AR)

Emmaleigh was a great help to me as I got my organization up and running. She saw me through the very beginning start up stages by giving me useful feedback and direction. At this stage of development, she was very valuable in taking the large projects and goals and streamlining them down to manageable steps, helping me go from a place of feeling stuck to actually moving forward. Emmaleigh is very passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and takes her role very seriously, putting in admirable effort in whatever task she is given. One may think having a virtual assistant or coach may be difficult because of communication barriers, but Emmaleigh was very responsive in our email and video chat communication. I would highly recommend Emmaleigh as your next Virtual Assistant.
— Lisa S. (Blacksburg, VA)

We have had the pleasure of working with Emmaleigh from Just Bloom Together for the past year. She is genuine and truly dedicated to her clients. Her personality is infectious and her attention to detail is remarkable. Emmaleigh gets to know her clients vision/dreams and pours her heart into making that vision a reality.
— Mitchell's Tuxedos (Asheville, NC)
I had a blast working with Emmaleigh. Her communication was excellent and I am so impressed with her ability to create such a positive community that brings so many talented individuals together to create a great project! Emmaleigh is very efficient and organized and I plan on referring her to others!
— Robin A. (Banner Elk, NC)

I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done to change our contract and all the helpful tips. Your communication was outstanding [...]. Your attention to detail and wording was phenomenal [...] Your proofreading and editing skills is [sic] above what I wanted. Your work is your passion [...] you won’t disappoint anyone as you always go beyond.
— Nas B. (Cape Town, South Africa)
Photo by  Adrian Etheridge Photography
Emmaleigh words can not express our gratitude for all your help to make our day unforgettable. You took a few of my ideas and worked your magic. Our pictures are proof of your work and we could not be happier with how it all turned out. Thank you so much beautiful soul and God Bless.
— Keya M. (North Myrtle Beach, SC)

My family loved Emmaleigh and was very happy to have a professional who cared about her job but more importantly cared about her clients (and their families). Emmaleigh was always kind and loving and made everyone feel like family instead of just another name on the list.
— Lauren E. (Weaverville, NC)

Emmaleigh helped make my experience with finding the perfect wedding gown both exciting, yet easygoing. Emmaleigh is very personable with clients and seeks to assist them fulfill dreams and visions. Emmaleigh is a vibrant woman who shows her passion for wedding planning by using honest and insightful feedback. I felt very welcomed, informed, and relaxed while searching for my dream dress.
— Kandyce J. (Raleigh, NC)

I had the opportunity to work with Emmaleigh as the wedding coordinator for an event this Fall. She was the stylist and assisted the photographer. I was amazed at how much wonderfully positive energy she brought to the table for everyone around her! She jumped in to straighten jackets, bring smiles to the couple’s faces, fix hair or flowers, and all very seamlessly. I would recommend her services, and I also felt like I made a friend working with her on just one event.
— MaryHelen A. (Hot Springs, NC)

We had the best experience working with Emmaleigh! Her attention to detail is outstanding. She helped style photos for our wedding and they turned out incredible! Aside from making sure we had great detailed shots of our wedding, Emmaleigh made sure that we looked our best. I would definitely recommend Just Bloom Together to other couples. I really appreciated the time she took to get to know us and dig deeper into our relationship to be able to capture those details during our wedding. On top of her great work Emmaleigh brought such a fun attitude!
— Arlyn V. (Asheville, NC)
Photo by  Adrian Etheridge Photography

My friends LOVED Emmaleigh. We all raved about how fun she was and how she was able to help me narrow down the dresses. SO much help! They had never experienced such a caring and helpful wedding dress expert and they had all gone through this process before.
— Lauren K. (Chicago, IL)

I got to meet Emmaleigh and Adrian when they came to visit us at The Meadows, and they were wonderful! They were coming to the area to visit one of their brides, and I was happy they could come tour the space. They noticed all our details around the venue, and I got to learn about their passion in what they do. Highly recommend Just Bloom Together + Adrian Etheridge Photography, and I hope we get to work together in the future!!
— The Meadows (Raleigh, NC)

Working with Emmaleigh as a bride was a great experience. She was responsive in all of our contact prior to my wedding dress appointment and I could already tell she cared about my unique interests and needs. I was somewhat of a picky customer because what I wanted was not yet popular, but Emmaleigh demonstrated great innovation by pairing pieces together and creating a one of a kind look for me. While at the bridal appointment, she was also very considerate and validating. She was helpful in keeping us on track of time and budget without being pushy, which I really appreciated. I could tell I was her priority, not sales or the opinions of others. I can tell her creativity, knowledge of the wedding industry, and dedication to her clients will really make her a great wedding coach for any couple.
— Lisa S. (Blacksburg, VA)

I can’t say enough about Emmaleigh, owner of Just Bloom Together. If you’re planning your wedding and you don’t know where to begin or need help organizing your thoughts and ideas for your special day, Just Bloom Together is a professional, top notch bridal coach. Emmaleigh will have you dancing around in your dream wedding dress shouting I Love You from the top of your lungs! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Just Bloom Together. You will have the most successful, stress free wedding ever!
— Jennifer G. (Asheville, NC)

Emmaleigh is a joy to work with. She’s the glue that keeps the crew together! On one particular photoshoot, she kept the vendors informed, organized, and managed, all while assisting the talent with their needs. She’s much like the Stage Director or an Assistant Director in theatre and film- the unsung hero you didn’t know you needed. She’s efficient, knowledgeable, kind, and extremely driven. I highly recommend her!
— Benavides Videography (Asheville, NC)

Wonderful to work with. Emmaleigh has a spunky and creative style. Her energy is amazing.
— Kristin M. (Boone, NC)

Emmaleigh has been a godsend for my business! We’ve worked together in so many avenues that I’ll have to break them down: - Business coaching - We first worked together at the beginning of 2018 when we had our first 1-on-1 coaching session. She helped me to hone in on my target audience and how best to serve them, see what areas of my business needed to be streamlined, and advised me on who I should next get in contact with within the community. Throughout the year I was able to implement these suggestions so that when we met up last month for a coaching session on the next phase of my business, I couldn’t believe just how much I’d grown (especially in confidence!) thanks to her suggestions!! - Detailing and Styling - As a photographer, I want to be able to focus my energy on capturing the moments, not fixing collars. Having Emmaleigh to style my photoshoots means she pays attention to even the tiniest of details: phones in pockets, misaligned jewelry, a tiny piece of hair in the face. Not only does this allow me full photographic attention during our shoots, but means I don’t have to do any tedious editing! - Publishing - As a knowledgeable industry professional, it’s been great to have Emmaleigh to publish my weddings, elopements, engagements and styled shoots. She does everything from choosing the best images to writing the copy to sending personalized notes to each editor. Her attention to detail is unmatched. - Business advocate - Emmaleigh is one of the most well-connected Ashevillians that I know (she grew up here!) She’s also incredibly personable; it’s hard not to love her as soon as you meet her. If she believes in something, she’ll back it 100%, and tell that to the world, and it’s amazing to have a cheerleader who is not only supportive of your business, but shares that support with the community as well. Bonus: she’s a BIG believer in community over competition and lifting others up (i.e. Just Blooming Together!) and for me, it’s imperative to work with people who are focused on developing community. If you’re a couple (whether getting married or planning an anniversary adventure), a photographer, a wedding vendor or a small business, working with Emmaleigh will definitely make your life easier and more fun.
— Adrian E. (Asheville, NC)