For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Are you a solopreneur that has a great product, but you are having trouble getting it in front of customers? Are you a creative professional that needs help turning inquiries into bookings?

Are you a small business owner that feels overwhelmed with the tedious tasks of running a business and it’s keeping you from the reason you started your business?

I am a Business Coach & Virtual Assistant who gives creative professionals more time to practice their passions!

I provide one-on-one strategy sessions that:

1. Focus on achieving your personalized business goals
2. Assist you with marketing and promoting your business
3. Practice triaging and troubleshooting difficult or uncomfortable customer interactions
4. Identify the tasks that have been drying up your creative juices
5. Learn how to maximize your time and money

“Emmaleigh has been a godsend for my business! [...]
She helped me to hone in on my target audience and how best to serve them, see what areas of my business needed to be streamlined, and advised me on who I should next get in contact with within the community. [...]
As a knowledgeable industry professional, it’s been great to have Emmaleigh to publish my weddings, elopements, engagements and styled shoots. She does everything from choosing the best images to writing the copy to sending personalized notes to each editor. Her attention to detail is unmatched.[...]
Emmaleigh is one of the most well-connected Ashevillians that I know (she grew up here!) She’s also incredibly personable; it’s hard not to love her as soon as you meet her. If she believes in something, she’ll back it 100%, and tell that to the world, and it’s amazing to have a cheerleader who is not only supportive of your business, but shares that support with the community as well[...]
working with Emmaleigh will definitely make your life easier and more fun.”
— Adrian E. (West Asheville, NC)
“Emmaleigh is amazing! [...] I am a new business owner and I had several coaching sessions with her. Emmaleigh was the perfect blend of encouraging & supportive, and constructive & practical. She really helped me learn to speak about my business, flesh out my processes, identify areas of strength and weakness, and overall become more confident in my practices. She forced me out of my comfort zone by presenting me with real-life scenarios that I could potentially run into with clients, [...] She is very genuine, fun, and has a radiant energy. It is so great to work with someone that honestly cares about helping others succeed. Her work extends beyond just client meetings, too; she thoroughly prepared for each of our sessions, and she keeps in touch with and promotes all of her clients, a relationship that I really appreciate.”
— Alyssa P. (Asheville, NC)

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