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5 Tips to Follow Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

In NC we have a plethera of beautiful wedding venues spanning our whole state! I mean we have all the right ingredients for finding a venue to fit your vision: Mountains, Ocean, Historic Places dating back to before the United States Revolution, a booming craft beer industry, and world wide recognition for quality furniture and textiles! However, before you fall too deeply in love, you’ll want to make sure to follow these tips!

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"What about shoes, though?": Suggestions and Confessions

Sometimes shoes are an afterthought. (Especially when you’ve spent countless hours and boatloads of money on a wedding dress or suit, or both, and you just want to check it off your list.) Well, that’s not exactly accurate. Sometimes shoes can be a “make it work as best as possible” thought. Well, at least in my case I suppose lol. As someone who wears a size 4.5 women’s shoe, and it’s nearly impossible to find shoes that aren’t for athletics (and not in the kid’s section), shoes are sort of my nemesis [...] Ultimately, I'm telling you this little story for the simple reason: Don’t forget to...

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