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"What about shoes, though?": Suggestions and Confessions

Sometimes shoes are an afterthought. (Especially when you’ve spent countless hours and boatloads of money on a wedding dress or suit, or both, and you just want to check it off your list.) Well, that’s not exactly accurate. Sometimes shoes can be a “make it work as best as possible” thought. Well, at least in my case I suppose lol. As someone who wears a size 4.5 women’s shoe, and it’s nearly impossible to find shoes that aren’t for athletics (and not in the kid’s section), shoes are sort of my nemesis [...] Ultimately, I'm telling you this little story for the simple reason: Don’t forget to...

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"Roll With It": A Real Bride's Journey to 8.18.18 (A Teaser)

My goal as a Wedding Coach is to lower everybody’s stress level and always have more fun. Alyssa nailed it all when I asked her what she wanted to share with people that she wished she would’ve known when she got married: “Wedding planning can bring up drama with people in your life (family or friends)—your engagment should be a bright and shiny time in your life/your reationship, don’t let others dull that shine with their negativity. Try your best to work through the issues with those people don’t let it hinder your relationship with your partner. If you work it out-great, if you tried your best but still can’t work it out—at least you can walk away knowing that you tried.”

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