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My Personal Joys!

I live with my 4 partners in crime: Mac, who is my number One partner; my 18 year old cat, Zora; our pittie, Serenity; and Mac’s turtle, Arnold. I enjoy getting outside in these beautiful mountains (preferably when it's camping weather), connecting with new and old friends (up to and not excluding discussions about Reality TV), and DANCE PARTIES (usually rocking a pair of knee socks)!

I am a purple person. I value courage. I love laughing. I am so excited to cheer on my clients every day and it amazes me how many wonderful people started as clients, and I now cherish as friends. That may sound cheesy...but I’m pretty freakin’ cheesy!

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My Professional Background

Connecting with people in a fun and AN empathetic way remains the common thread through every position I’ve held throughout my career. I worked for several healthcare industry non-profits as an educator, advocate, or event coordinator. For many years prior to entering the wedding industry, I worked as a substance abuse counselor for people in recovery.

I planned and coordinated large and small events. I coordinated community awareness campaigns that resulted in hundreds of locals walking the streets of Downtown Asheville with TV, radio, and print media coverage. I also planned small retail slaes events utilizing only social media and email marketing. While I never imagined I’d be interested in fashion as your stereotypical Asheville granola chick, it has been magical helping brides find their wedding gowns and style their wedding day ensembles for the past 5 years.

I discovered that my years in counseling, advocacy, and healthcare enabled me to be able to create a safe space very quickly for brides when working as a Bridal Stylist. I recognized as an Assistant Director of a 400 patient clinic that all the organizing, system creating, and behind the scenes administrative support I had been doing throughout my career was vital to the running of any and all organizations.